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Contributions to journals and conferences (abstracts, etc)

1) “InSPECT – A broadband, integrated spectrometer device for spectral tissue sensing” by Dr. J.J.H.B. (Jean) Schleipen, Principal Scientist, Optics Group, Philips, EPIC Biophotonics Symposium and Exhibition, 26-27 Novemebr 2015, Berlin, Germany. 

2) Photonic Integrated Circuits Conference 23-09-2015, Eindhoven, the Netherlands by Philips Health Care

3)Photonics West 2015, San Fransico, USA by  Xio Photonics

4)Laser World of Photonics 2015, Munich, Germany by Xio Photonics

5) Cyto conference, Glasgow, Schotland UK by Xio Photonics